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You many notice some slight imperfections on your candle or wax purchase. Let me assure you these imperfections are completely cosmetic and in no way will affect the performance of our product. Working with a 100% natural product like soy wax means that there can be some natural imperfections.

For example:

Wet Spots: You may notice what looks like “wet spots” on your glass jar. Natural soy wax is sensitive to temperature changes. The wax can shrink and expand depending on the temperature. Once lit and burning these wet spots will disappear.

Frosting: Another characteristic of any vegetable wax, especially soy, is what looks like crystalized “frosting” on the wax, you may notice this on the surface of your soy wax melts or candles. This will not affect the performance of the candle and is a good sign that your candle is 100% natural.

Flaking or crusty top: After you burn your candle for the first time the melted wax may solidify and look flakey or crusty. Since our soy wax is free from additives this is a common characteristic of how melted soy wax will solidify, the tops can be flakey due to how fast they cool. This will not affect the candles scent or performance in any way.

Discoloration: with soy wax being a natural product the sun can cause some discoloration if placed in direct or indirect sunlight. Keep your candle out of direct sunlight to help prevent any discoloration.

Sweating: changes in temperature can cause beads of what looks like “sweat” on your candle or wax melt. These are simply the natural oils within the wax separating from each other, leaving pools of oil on top. Simply dab with a tissue if you notice this. This will not affect the performance of the candle or melt.